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Drug and substance addiction is an illness of self-abuse that can only stop if the addict has the will to end the cycle. Substance abuse has cost the Canadian health care system around $8 billion and claims the lives of 47,000 Canadians every year. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) has found in a study that Canadians have increased their drinking to surpass the global average by 50% — this is at a time when alcohol is now the third leading cause of disease and injury in the world. They key to successful drug and alcohol detox and rehab is to understand the underlying cause of addiction and to eliminate the attachment to those substances.

The Nature of Addiction

Since substances affect the way that users see the world, it only makes sense to turn to mental health to see where addiction lives in the brain. Studies have shown a connection between mental illness and substance abuse, as those with mental illnesses are twice as likely to have a substance problem than the general population. Similarly, those with substance abuse problems are up to three times more likely to have a mental illness. Up to 70% of those with mental health problems have their onset either during childhood or adolescence, yet substance abuse has been known to amplify or even promote the development of certain mental conditions. Life is already hard enough without an addiction, that is why thousands of patients flock to drug abuse rehab centers across the globe to get clean for good.

Treatment at Drug Rehab Centres

Drug abuse rehab centers
may differ in practice, yet each has the goal of freeing substance abusers from the chains of their addiction. There comes a point when many addicts realize the gravity of their addiction and legitimately want help; this voice of reason can be quickly overwhelmed by the voice of addiction and habit however. The drug rehab process seeks to quiet this voice for good through detox, therapy, and exploring the interests of the real person free from drug use. Don’t lose another day to addiction; live your life on your own terms.