Best e cigarette liquid flavors

One of the best parts about using an e cig is getting to try out all of the different flavors. There’s cinnamon roll, cherry, vanilla, and many other delicious liquids you can put in your figurative pipe in smoke.

However, there are also some other, weirder e cig liquids out there, too. Here are just a few that you may want to try on a dare.

Ketchup E Cig Liquid.

Ketchup goes great on just about everything: french fries, meatloaf, hot dogs, eggs, burgers, you name it. It does not logically go well in an e cig, though. However, if you disagree, and your love of ketchup is so strong that you’d be willing to have a whole bottle of it alone, there is a ketchup flavored e cig liquid out there for you.

Butter E Cig Liquid.

Butter can make just about anything better. It can make vegetables delicious and savory, and is a must have on any bag of popcorn, but in an e cig? If you want to smoke the sweet, freshly churned flavor of butter, then you have your chance because there’s a butter flavored e cig liquid out there waiting for you.

Blue Cheese E Cig Liquid.

Blue cheese and buffalo wings go together like peanut butter and jelly, and why anyone would want to tear them apart is beyond understand. Yet, some mad scientist has, and paired blue cheese with tobacco to create an e cig flavor not for the faint of heart. Its description even warns that it’s an “acquired taste.”

Of course, some people out there might not think any of these e cig liquids are all that strange. In fact, some of you may even consider them to be some of the best e cig juice flavors out there. If so, share your thoughts on these e cig liquids in the comments!