Three of the Most Bizarre E Cig Liquids That Really Actually Exist

Best e cigarette liquid flavors

One of the best parts about using an e cig is getting to try out all of the different flavors. There’s cinnamon roll, cherry, vanilla, and many other delicious liquids you can put in your figurative pipe in smoke.

However, there are also some other, weirder e cig liquids out there, too. Here are just a few that you may want to try on a dare.

Ketchup E Cig Liquid.

Ketchup goes great on just about everything: french fries, meatloaf, hot dogs, eggs, burgers, you name it.… Read More...

You May Want to Consider E-cigarettes As an Alternative to Traditional Smoking

Electronic cigarette e liquid

Are you looking for a viable alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes that is also more convenient? If so, you may want to consider getting the best e cigarette available that uses e cig nicotine liquid. While electronic cigarettes are visually comparable to to their counterparts, access to a lighter or matches isn’t necessary. All you need are e cigarette refill cartridges.

Those who regularly use liquid e cigs also find there are other benefits
. For one, many people find that the activity promotes a better sense of well-being than the smoking of regular cigarettes.… Read More...