Medical benefits of cannabis

Legalizing marijuana has long been one of the most controversial subjects in America, especially in recent years since more and more states are legalizing it for medicinal use. Twenty states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana for medicinal use, which is commonly known to be beneficial for patients with painful terminal illnesses. Many people are aware that some of the benefits of medicinal marijuana are that it helps nausea, pain, and loss of appetite, but there are probably a few things that people don’t know about medical marijuana.

1. It Triggers the Growth of Brain Cells.
One thing that people typically do not know about medical marijuana is that it actually triggers neurogenesis, which refers to the growth of brain cells. Many people assume that using medical marijuana is a detriment to the brain, but it actually encourages the growth of neurons, or brain cells.

2. Ancient Greeks Used it Medicinally.
Another one of the weirdest facts about medical marijuana is that the Ancient Greeks used it for a few different health reasons, and not just for humans. Dried marijuana was used to help treat nosebleeds in humans and was used to help dress and treat wounds on horses.

3. It Might Be Able to Treat Tourette Syndrome.
Marijuana as medicine is usually prescribed to cancer or AIDS patients to help them deal with the pain and other side effects of their illnesses, but studies have shown that it does show the potential for therapeutic use for people who suffer from Tourette Syndrome, which is a disorder characterized by involuntary physical and vocal tics.

Though the uses of medical marijuana vary and is still a subject of debate in America, more and more Americans approve of the use of it for patients with severe illnesses. Do you know of any other weird health benefits of medicinal marijuana? Feel free to let us know in the comments.