Orthodontics chattanooga

Choosing to undergo an orthodontic treatment is a great decision for both the look and health of your teeth.

Straighter teeth are one of the most important components of a beautiful smile, and nearly 100% of people consider an attractive set of teeth to be an important social asset.

In addition, correcting tooth misalignment eliminates many health complications, including sleep apnea, speech and eating problems, and a number of other issues.

It seems like there’s no wrong reason to see an orthodontist and start your treatment. But when it comes to the cost of these treatments, many people are concerned with the impact their dental treatment will have on their bank accounts.

Here are the most common options for adult orthodontics, along with their average prices. The most and least budget-friendly options may surprise you!

Traditional teeth braces

Average Cost:
$3,000 to $7,000

While they’re the least aesthetically-pleasing way to correct one’s teeth alignment, especially if the patient is an adult, traditional metal and wire braces are by far the least-expensive option for orthodontic treatment.

Lingual orthodontics

Average Cost:
$8,000 to $10,000

A number of adults choose lingual orthodontics because they offer the same effective tooth aligning method that traditional braces do, but they are virtually invisible because they’re located on the side of the teeth that faces the patient’s tongue. This makes lingual orthodontics a cosmetically-pleasing solution for adults; however, it’s not a very inexpensive option for treatment.

Invisible braces

Average Cost:
$4,000 to $7,400

Invisible braces are another popular alternative to traditional braces among adults. These clear plastic caps fit securely over the patient’s teeth to gently, gradually correct misalignment. While they can usually be affordable for most people, they require a significant amount of time invested, as patients need to visit their orthodontists every two weeks or so to have a new set of invisible braces fitted.

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