Have you been experiencing pain, numbness, and a tingling sensation in your fingers or forearms? There is a chance that you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Although this syndrome is unknown to a lot of people, it is a very common disorder among people who type a lot and among people with conditions like diabetes.
This condition develops when the median nerve, called the carpel tunnel, which runs through a narrow passage in your wrist from the forearm, is squeezed at the wrist due to wrist overuse. As a result of the pressure, you may start experiencing weakness, pain, and numbness on your thumb, index, and middle fingers.

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Other symptoms of the syndrome include limited grasping ability.
Risk factors for this condition include health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, arthritis, and thyroid disease. Other risk factors include the development of a cyst on the carpal tunnel.
This condition is treated with the use of a splint at night or using medication for relieving pain if it is mild. If the condition is unbearable, then surgery is recommended to release the ligament that causes pressure on the carpal tunnel nerve.