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Whether for fun, as a career, or both, sports is a popular activity. Unfortunately, injuries are a prevalent part of playing sports. One important part of avoiding these injuries is by knowing how they are caused. In turn, you will be able to avoid situations where these injuries are more likely to occur. In many cases, an urgent care clinic is the perfect facility to get quick and complete care for sports related injuries. In this post, you will learn about several common sports injuries.

  • Spraining a Ligament: A sprain is another way of saying a stretch has occurred. One common ligament that gets stretched is the ankle. It is common to have experienced an ankle sprain in your life. Research shows that over 80 percent of sprained ankles result from an inversion of the ankle. Many sports will have you moving on your feet almost constantly. Mixing in potential contact with running and you can understand why sprains are so common in sports. In many cases, sprains are easily treatable and shouldn’t require long amounts of time away from playing sports. Top doctors at urgent care facilities treat sprains ranging in terms of severity.
  • Back Injuries: Having a back injury often occurs during weightlifting. However, contact sports are certainly known to be the cause of many back injuries. The back is made of many important and fragile components. If you’ve had disc issues in your back, you know how sensitive this part of the body is to the smallest misalignment. Common back injuries are twists, pulls, spasms, slipped discs, and breaks. Research shows that four out of ten people exercise to help their lower back pain go away. You should consult top doctors to find out which type of exercise is best for you. Back injuries will range in severity, depending on the injury.
  • Dislocating a Bone: It is common to confuse a dislocated bone from a broken bone. A dislocation happens when a force pushes or pulls a bone away from its connecting tissue. When people come into contact with each other, dislocations can occur. A dislocation doesn’t always mean a bone is broken. In many cases, the move has remained entirely intact but has shifted. Dislocations can range in terms of severity. Minor dislocations will be treated quickly while more severe cases may require surgery. One common location for a dislocation is the shoulder. The shoulder is at risk of dislocating because of the types of movements these muscles make while playing sports.
  • Broken Bones: A potentially more dire situation is when a bone breaks. You may also hear a broken bone referred to as a fracture. Research shows that four out of five urgent care facilities are able to provide adequate are for a fracture. Top doctors at an urgent care facility will ensure your fracture has the proper attention. In extreme cases, an urgent care may advise you to visit the emergency room. In most cases, an urgent care location is where you should have a fracture treated.
  • In summary, there are many injuries that can occur through playing sports. One of the most common sports injuries is suffering from a sprain. In addition, the ankle is a body part that is highly susceptible to sprains. A sprain occurs when a muscle is pulled too far which means almost any muscle can be sprained. One body part that is easily injured is the back. Dislocations are also common in sports, especially those involving contact. In worst case scenarios, dislocations can become broken bones. A broken bone often results from a high velocity impact.