Back pain can happen for various reasons. Some examples include being involved in a car crash, slipping and falling on pavement or hard floor, old age, and even working out the wrong way. Moreover, some of this back pain can develop into chronic pain if it is not taken care of quickly. This is why pain management treatment is necessary. Now one may be asking, “Do back pain and exercise go hand in hand, and at what point do I know that I have suffered an injury?’ This is where doing research comes in, in relation to places that deal with local back help pain. This is so that people can get exactly what they need. For example; if one has back pain caused by lifting heavy weights, then it would be good to ask the following. “Are chiropractors good for this kind of back pain?” What physical therapy can do, is assess the core muscle or fibers causing the pain. From there, a chiropractic clinic focusing on surgery or adjustment, is assessed. The work helps with adjusting back pain and heavy legs. In short, the correlation between back pain and when to see a doctor, is important.

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Back pain is everywhere, up to 69% of Americans say that lower back pain affects their everyday life. With this number in mind it is easy to say that mostly everyone can relate to back pain, no matter if it is part of a chronic condition or not.

Here are some frequently asked questions about back pain, answered.

Who is most at risk for back pain?

Back pain can happen in anyone at any age, but as you get older you are more likely to suffer from chronic pain. Back pain is also a result of not being fit, overweight, or immobile. Additionally back pain can be hereditary so if you have back pain, blame your parents!

What are the causes?

Back pain can be caused by many things including slipped disks, tense muscles from stress, or simply reaching for something and straining a ligament or rupturing a disk. Also, if you sustain an injury such as falling your back pain could be from that accident.

Is it a condition of a disease?

Yes, back pain can be a symptom of a specific disease. These include pregnancy, arthritis, scoliosis, or kidney infections and stones. If you are prescribed with any of these conditions, ask your doctor about specific care tips to lead a healthier life.

Is there a way to keep back pain from happening?

Making sure your back muscles are strong and supported is the best way to prevent back pain from occurring. Develop a healthy diet with healthy eating habits so you are fortifying your body with nutrients, especially vitamin D!

Should I go to a physical therapist?

At least 40% of all people who suffer from back pain do not go to physical therapy for necessary care. Your physical therapist will be able to strengthen your back muscles, relieve tension, and prevent any other further damage from happening.

When should I get medical treatment?

If you ever feel numb or tingly in your back, or severe pain that does not dissipate, head to a doctor right away. A great place to go is to a urgent care clinic, as they will be able to set you up with an x-ray, and pain medication without much of a wait at all! with over 20,000 doctors practicing at a urgent care center in the United States, you can rest assured you will get proper medical attention when you go!