Get Pain Relief From Myofascial Release

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Who does not enjoy a good massage or body rub? But, did you know that massage could also be very healthy and good for you? Deep tissue massage eliminates toxins from the muscles. It also helps stretch tight or twisted muscles, making it helpful during sports injury rehabilitation. Endurance athletes, as well as those who participate in full contact sports are good candidate for sports massage. Sports massage can improve blood flow and nutrient delivery to your muscles, as well as helping to clear away harmful metabolic by products.… Read More...

Is Pregnancy and Foot Massage Really a Safe Combination?

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Believe it or not, a foot massage and pregnancy can be a safe combination to help during the later stages of pregnancy.

These massages usually last for about an hour. Some masseurs may use a special pregnancy massage table designed to accommodate a woman’s belly, while others may use pregnancy massage pillows to help her lay on her side by bolstering her position.

Women experience an incredible amount of aches and pains from the changes to their body resulting from pregnancy.… Read More...

The Key to Burning Body Fat

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Most people seek out and find personal trainers in the pursuit of weight loss. These professionals will help guide you through a personal fitness training program so that you can achieve your weight goals. Before signing up, many people wonder exactly how their personal fitness training will help them burn fat and look great. To help you understand how personal fitness training scorches fat, so that you know why you need a personal trainer, here’s a helpful guide!

1. How Does the Body Use Dietary Fuel?

You Don’t Have to Suffer From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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Carpal tunnel syndrome, or CTS, is pain, weakness, and numbness that results from the median nerve being pinched inside the wrist where it passes through the carpal tunnel. When the tunnel is narrowed, either due to swollen tendons, trauma, a congenital defect, physical stress, a cyst, or any other number of irritants, the signature shooting pain is often experienced. It’s a simple syndrome, but it affects many people, making everyday activities, and sometimes workplace duties, a real struggle.

Did you know that if you want carpal tunnel syndrome relief, you can find it?… Read More...