How to Trick Your Body Into Secretly Loving Your Weight Loss Plan

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Cyndi’s on a mission. Her son’s getting married in the middle of June, and she’s made it a priority to be able to fit into her favorite dress for the wedding. She has to look good for the ceremonial mother-son dance, after all. (They’ve chosen “You Are My Sunshine” — does it get any better?)

The problem? Cyndi bought the dress in 1998, and she fit nicely into it then. These days, not so much. It’s March, which means Cyndi has two and a half months to drop some serious pounds in order to fit into the dress of her dreams.… Read More...

The Most Inspiring High Fashion Sportswear for Women

Women sportswear

Do you know that there are more than 42 million Americans who currently hold a gym membership? With a current U.S. population of approximately 317.7 million people, that means that roughly 13.5% of the American population is a member of a gym.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that only 42 million Americans exercise, as many of the most physically fit Americans don’t even belong to gyms. Instead, they choose to get their exercise by jogging, biking, fast walking, or with the own home gyms.… Read More...