3 Reasons Why Annual Check Ups Are So Incredibly Important

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You cannot underestimate the importance of routine check ups, as they could prove to be potentially life saving. Here are just a few reasons how.

Routine Screenings Can Catch Problems Before They’re Actualized.

Cholesterol and diabetes tests, pap smears, breast exams, you name it. These routine screenings are incredibly important as they can catch diseases at their earliest, and most treatable stages. For example, your doctor may detect colon cancer at one of your annual check ups, and could be able to save your life as a result.… Read More...

Why Healthcare Isn’t Always So Black and White

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Grey area in area of life can be confusing and uncomfortable — well, except if you’re into 50 shades of it — however, grey area in healthcare isn’t just confusing or uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous.

When illness and injury strike, it always so black and white. Some conditions, such as the flu, can actually be quite severe, especially if you have an underlying health condition that may further complicate or exacerbate symptoms. In these instances, what’s a patient to do?… Read More...

Feeling Under the Weather? Try Visiting an Urgent Care Clinic

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No one likes to feel under the weather, no one. It seems that in terms of feeling under the weather, when it rains it usually pours. Just think, how many times have you been sick when suddenly another symptom decides to suddenly reveal itself?

The kind of “weather” you’re experiencing will determine when and where to seek the appropriate medical care. Most people may be inclined to first seek treatment from their primary care provider or physician, however, that’s not always the best treatment option.… Read More...

3 of the Most Embarrassingly Problematic Symptoms of Fibroids

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Most women never experience any of the signs and symptoms of fibroids. These women live their lives as they always have, and may never even realize that they’ve developed small, benign tumors. Other women, however, need to carefully weigh their uterine fibroids treatment options, because their fibroids are causing them serious problems.

What sort of problems, you may wonder? Embarrassing, painful ones. Here are just a few of the worst symptoms of fibroid cysts.


One of the main reasons women often need to pursue uterine fibroid treatments is because of the abnormal menstrual bleeding they’ve developed.… Read More...

We’re Growing Older, But We’re Aging Smarter

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Remember when you noticed your first frown line? Remember when your dimples used to be cute and now they’re just an insight into how old you are? Aging is on everyone’s mind. And it is especially (and literally) on everyone’s face. Our faces are such an important part of the way we experience the world and such pertinent tools with which we allow others to experience us. Why not give your face the very best care available? Who needs to play trial and error with the plethora of stuff on the shelves of a pharmacy when you can buy private label skincare for spas ?… Read More...

Low T and Its Many, Many Discontents

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As men get older, their testosterone levels naturally decrease. Starting around age 30, a man’s testosterone level declines by an average annual rate of 1-2%. Testosterone deficiency, also known as low testosterone or “low T,” affects up to 13 million American men. Low T is defined as having a total testosterone level lower than 300 ng/dL and a free testosterone level of 5 ng/dL. Symptoms of the condition include an increase in weight (mostly due to body fat), a decrease in muscle mass, poor sleep, lack of energy and focus, and depression.… Read More...