Three of the Best Summer Foods You Can Have Without Messing Up Your Diet

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With great summer weather comes great summer food. These hot months are loaded with barbecues, cookouts, summer salads, ice cream, and more, but that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your weight loss system. There are tons of delicious summer foods you can eat that family practice doctors say won’t hurt your diet. Here are just a few!

Grilled Corn.

Nothing says summer time quite like eating an ear of corn hot off the grill, and it’s a great diet food to help your weight loss system.… Read More...

Skin Care for Men Why Men Need to Focus More on Skin Health

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When we think of skin care, the category almost always deviated to dermatology skin care tips and tricks for women. However, skin care for men is equally important, but almost always ignored. Yet, men often need just as much, if not more, help with keeping their skin healthy and blemish free. From back acne to sunburn, here are a few tips on skin care health for men:

1.Acne Treatment

From back acne to cystic acne on their face, men suffer from these blemishes, too.… Read More...

Care Confusion How Urgent Care Centers Have Shaken Up the Health Care Industry

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The American healthcare system is a far cry from what it used to be, and that’s a good thing. Prior to the urgent medical care movement, which began nearly 40 years ago, healthcare was pretty simple in that it was black and white: hospitals and primary care physician offices. However, when the urgent care movement began to gain traction — and make money — the healthcare industry was changed for the better.

Urgent care centers are designed to bridge the broad gap between the level of care administered by hospital emergency departments and primary care physician offices.… Read More...