What Are the Benefits of Lecithin?

Are you interested in taking lecithin supplements? Lecithin is becoming more popular as people realize how many health benefits it offers. While you can get lecithin through whole foods like eggs and liver, you can also purchase non-GMO lecithin made from plants like soybeans and sunflower seeds.

The video posted here showcases some of the many benefits of using lecithin as a supplement. The host does mention that you should look for non GMO lecithin specifically to ensure your supplements are as reputable and safe as possible.… Read More...


How to Be Active In College

Students at universities and colleges need to be engaged and active. They should decide what they want to do with their lives, not sit around waiting for life to happen, or worse yet, work in a job that does not fulfill them.

What are some of the tips on how to be active in college? Engagement could mean something as simple as joining an intramural sports team. No matter how busy students are, they should always find time for what they care about most.… Read More...