What are the Different Kinds of Nursing Jobs Out There

This video from Nurse Blake talks about the different types of nursing jobs that are available to certified nurses. Most people think of nursing jobs as the side of the bed in the hospital type jobs, but this video changes what you may think about nursing work.

If you are a nurse, or in nursing school, this video will help you to better understand all the opportunities that are available in this field. Bedside care or working in a hospital is not the only place you can focus your career.… Read More...


Do You Know What Varicose Veins Are

The American Heart Association estimates that 23% of all adults will develop varicose veins. Although varicose veins are thought of as something only old people get, younger people can get them, too. The Cleveand Clinic looks at what you need to know about varicose veins.

Varicose veins are prominently raised veins that look blue or purple. They look so large because they are swollen.

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Varicose veins are often surrounded by smaller and thinner spider veins. The veins are swollen because valves in the veins do not work properly, causing blood to pool instead of flowing freely.… Read More...


Features of the Best Waxing Place

The video “The wax room” of the best waxing place gives the viewer a guided tour of her small wax business. If you ever wondered what goes into spa decoration, you get an insider view of at least one business.

The owner shopped at Target, Home Depot, Micheals, and Amazon to furnish her business. The cabinet, sink, and cute plants came from IKEA. Homegoods supplied the jars and some elegant seating. The Walmart trashcan has all lid that stays open until you close it.… Read More...

What Are Some Sports Injuries That Require Urgent Care

Most doctors recommend that you see a doctor at least once a year for a checkup, but there are some times that you will need urgent care. Sports injuries are one of the most common reasons for a visit to urgent care. How do you know when you should seek health care for sports injuries? This video provided by emergency doctors outlines when you should be seeking help for sports injuries.

This video contains valuable information that anyone that exercises or who participates in sports should watch.… Read More...


How Does Gastric Balloon Surgery Work?

We have all heard of gastric bypass surgery, but did you know that there is an alternative? Gastric balloon surgery has proven to be a safe and effective weight-loss method. Learn more about the benefits, risks, side effects, and what should be considered in this video.

How Does a Gastric Ballon Work?

Gastric balloon surgery is a weight-loss procedure in which they insert a deflated silicone balloon into the stomach. They then filled the balloon with saline until it reaches about the size of a grapefruit.… Read More...


Learn About Hearing Aid Repairs That Can be Done At Home

Hearing aids can open up a whole new world for those with hearing loss. But like any technology, they aren’t perfect. The attached video will walk you through some simple hearing aid repairs you can do right in your own home.

While some hearing aid issues require the attention of a professional, many hearing air repairs are relatively simple and can be conveniently done at home. For example, if you have one hearing aid that isn’t working while the other one is, you’ll want to check the batteries first.… Read More...