Five Sources of EMFs and What to do About Them

Bioshield necklace

Any fan of the horror movie genre can tell you that the unseen monster is far more terrifying than any Special Effects Department’s creation. This is even more true in the real world, a fact that is manipulated by politicians to scare voters into voting. New health concerns also seem much alarming in the early years before knowledge and research make the issue well understood and defined. The concerns about the effects from electromagnetic fields, or emfs, are still in these beginning stages, where it is difficult to sort out basic information without contamination from paranoia.… Read More...

The Unknown Dangers of Electromagnetic Field Exposure

Bioshield necklace

An electromagnetic field is the physical field produced by electrically charged objects such as laptops, cellphones, and electromagnets of course. Although you cannot see an electromagnetic field (EMF), studies have found that EMFs may be linked to several health concerns; bioelectromagnetics is the study of the relationship between organic beings and EMFs. Here is how families around the world address the question of electromagnetic radiation protection.

Unknown EMF Dangers

When most people picture radiation, they tend to think of the devastating exposure to nuclear fallout that follows an atomic blast.… Read More...