Bioshield necklace

An electromagnetic field is the physical field produced by electrically charged objects such as laptops, cellphones, and electromagnets of course. Although you cannot see an electromagnetic field (EMF), studies have found that EMFs may be linked to several health concerns; bioelectromagnetics is the study of the relationship between organic beings and EMFs. Here is how families around the world address the question of electromagnetic radiation protection.

Unknown EMF Dangers

When most people picture radiation, they tend to think of the devastating exposure to nuclear fallout that follows an atomic blast. Everyday cell phone and laptop users are exposed to small quantities of electromagnetic radiation, which harms cells at a billion times lower levels than conventional heating. Although the impact may appear small, two separate studies have found that children and seniors alike have suffered from headaches, neurological problems, sleep, and concentration problems after short-term exposure to EMFs. A 2012 study found that exposure to the electromagnetic radiation from a Wi-Fi laptop for just four hours saw a decrease in sperm viability.

Electromagnetic Radiation Protection For Your Home

Although the dangers of electromagnetic fields are not totally known, many families are taking steps to provide EMF protection for their families. There is no way to completely eliminate EMFs, as wireless phones emit constant electromagnetic radiation, even when they are not in use. Limiting the number of devices plugged into electrical outlets is one way to limit your family’s EMF exposure; using EMF filters or shields can help protect families from their everyday devices. Some households face a greater risk for EMF exposure — households that are within 984 feet of a cell phone tower are advised to look into more advanced protection with EMF shielding fabric. Personal bioelectric shield pendants are available to provide EMF protection when paired with a reliable shield. While studies continue to develop to show us the long-term effects of electromagnetic radiation exposure, taking steps now can limit your exposure and protect your family from the unknown.