Neighborhood Clinics versus Emergency Room Visits When to Choose

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Many people choose to go to a hospital emergency room rather than a medical walk in clinic when they become ill or are injured. In general, the choice to go to a hospital emergency room, as opposed to a medical walk in clinic, will depend on the seriousness of the medical situation.

There are many instances, however, when a medical walk in clinic can provide what a person needs with less waiting time and at a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, there are obvious benefits to having a regular care provider rather than seeing an unfamiliar doctor or other type of medical practitioner.… Read More...

3 Reasons to Choose Family Care Physicians Over Urgent Care Facilities

Urgent care facilities

What are the advantages of visiting family care physicians as opposed to going to urgent care facilities? When you?re in the moment, this can be a difficult question to ask yourself. Most people immediately choose urgent care facilities for the fact that they?re main purpose is to deal with emergency medical situations. Yet, sometimes an emergency walk in clinic isn?t the best option. Read on to discover the advantages of choosing to visit your family doctor before going to the ER.… Read More...

How to Prepare Your Family for Medical Emergencies

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When you find yourself in need of medical assistance, it can be easy to run to the first medical provider you think of. In your haste for care, however, you may end up doing more harm than good. Unplanned visits to the hospital often incur extensive wait times or high costs not covered by your family health care plan. While it isn’t always possible to avoid urgent care facilities and family health care plans differ in the services they cover, there are a few things you can do to prepare you and your family for better family health care.… Read More...