Emf protection for electronics

It’s hard to believe exactly how wired people are today — literally. It seems that in today’s digital age of smart phones and mobile devices, everyone is plugged into something nearly all the time. Whether it’s for work or for play, the line between man and machine is more blurred than ever before.

Just think about that feeling of dread you have when you realize that your handy dandy smart phone isn’t in your pocket. Or that empty feeling you have when your smart phone dies while you’re out with your friends. And last but not least, that dreadful feeling of having a fear of missing out (#fomo) when you haven’t been able to check your multiple social media feeds all day. It’s horrible, isn’t it?

But what is all of this doing to the human race? How is it affecting social etiquette, interactions, and culture? But perhaps more importantly, what is doing to the human body itself? Scientific research is just beginning to confirm what many people have suspected for some time now, and it’s not good. What happens when a conspiracy theory turns out to be a theory after all? People create change and then some real interest shift starts to happen!

And some of that real interesting “shift” includes full body protection in the form of gemstones, EMF shielding fabric, EMF protection jewelry, and other forms of EMF blockers. But wait — what is a EMF and why would you have to protect yourself from it? Electromagnetic frequencies, also known as EMF, is a form of energy emitted by wifi, cell phones, computers, and many of today’s other digital devices and gizmos. Although many people have speculated that EMF is harmful, research is now backing that notion up. For example, did you know that within the first few minutes of using a cell phone, certain bioeffects start to happen to the human body as a result of EMF?

That is why there is a disclaimer or warning label on cell phones which urges cell and smartphone users to only use the phone as directed. After recent research has indicated that prolong cell phone use may lead to an increased risk of brain cancer and tumors, many people are beginning to heed this warning and have gone as far as to only use their smart phones on speaker or through headphones. Furthermore, some pregnant women have even gone as to wear full body protection to protect themselves and their precious cargo at all times!

Aside from full body protection, there are plenty of other things people can do to create their very own EMF protection shield aside from wearing a suit of full body protection! Here are just a few ways you can shield yourself against the harmful effects of EMF.

Crystals and gemstones

It’s no secret that crystals and gemstones hold extremely powerful and beneficial properties, with each kind of crystal and gemstone possessing different properties. As they come from the earth, crystals and gemstones vibrate at such a pure, high frequency that they’re able to block and offset the harmful energy of EMF. Certain crystals and gemstones are strong enough to offer full body protection! A great example of this is sodalite, which is often called the writer’s stone. When used around electronics, it can prevent mind fog caused by EMF.

Himalayan pink sea salt lamps

Used by indigenous peoples for thousands of years for an equal number of purposes, Himalayan pink sea salt has gained quite a reputation for it’s cleansing and healing properties. Like so many other forms of salt, Himalayan pink sea salt is an excellent medium for purification, both physically and energetically. It can be used to clear existing negative energy and negatively charged ions and protect against incoming negative energy. Similarly, Himalayan pink sea salt lamps emit positive ions in the air which can block out EMF.


Standing barefoot directly on soil or grass is great way to recharge your batteries. The Earth emits healing energy that can offset the harmful effects of EMF.