Emf safety

With technology permeating every aspect of our lives, increased attention has been devoted to understanding just what effects that technology has on us as a species. Although many individuals have been outspoken on the social and mental effects of technology, some good and some bad, recent attention has focused on the biological effects of wireless technology.

The Dangers of Constant Electromagnetic Exposure

Biomagnetism is the study of natural magnetic fields; since our brains fire neural impulses, this means that every human has a magnetic field. Recent studies have found that the electromagnetic fields produced by wireless electronic devices may have an impact on our bodies in several detrimental ways. Headaches, increased stress levels, and mysterious tumors are all believed to be linked to constant exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). A 2012 study found that wifi level exposure to a laptop for just four hours resulted in decreased sperm counts for male participants; it is believed that biological effects from laptop radiation and other EMF dangers could take place within the first few minutes of exposure. Despite these dangers, it may be reassuring to know that EMF exposure harms cells at a billion times lower levels than conventional heating; although our constant exposure to these invisible waves poses a problem for many Americans.

Protecting Your Home and Yourself

Cellular phones emit constant EMFs even when they are not in-use; for this reason phone users are recommended to keep their smart phones at a distance of at least an inch away from their face to limit exposure, although some experts suggest that this is not enough. Homes within 328 yards of unobstructed cell phone towers could experience significantly higher levels of EMF exposure than most homes. Since more small and large appliances alike are becoming wifi compatible, many concerned homeowners are looking into EMF protection for electronics in their own homes. Targeted EMF protection for electronics can be achieved using EMF shielding products. Home remodeling isn’t the only solution, as personal bioelectric shielding can take the form of a necklace or mobile card to help prevent electromagnetic radiation from affecting one’s own magnetic field. While force fields may sound like science fiction, new research continues to show that limiting electromagnetic radiation can prevent a number of potential health complications.