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The United States is known for its large food portions and increasing obesity. U.S. people also always seem to be on the go, rushing from one place to another. This leads to poorer dietary choices and in many cases, obesity. While exercise is important in achieving your weight loss goals, the first step to effectively lose weight is to improve your eating habits. Keep these food suggestions in mind to achieve a healthy metabolism and to drop those unwanted pounds.

Smaller portion sizes
The first step in improving your dietary habits is in reducing portion sizes. Small amounts of sweets and other guilty pleasures are okay, as long as they are eaten in moderation. Fast food restaurants tend to serve much larger than needed meals. While you are learning about better portion sizes, you may want to prepare your own meals. You will have more control over the foods, the food items will be fresher, and you can specify the portion sizes.

Give up fast food altogether
Fast food restaurants are full of unhealthy food choices. Even the salads and healthier options on the menu are packed full of calories and fat content. Despite the unhealthy menu choices, the number of fast food restaurants has more than doubled since the 1970s. Fast food restaurants succeed because of their convenience. You can achieve the same convenience at home by meal planning and stocking your kitchen with healthier choices.

Eat more vegetables and fruits
Most people do not get recommended amounts of vegetables and fruits. When you skip these important nutrients, your body is hungrier. Instead, you replace them with less healthier choices. Eating the recommended portions of vegetables and fruits can reduce hunger and make it easier to achieve your weight loss goals. The good thing is that you can find healthy vegetables and fruits right in your home grocery store. About 61% of dieters prefer to use regular grocery store food, while 5% want meal replacements (shakes, bars), and 6% prefer to use diet company food or frozen food.

Don?t waste calories on drinks
Some dieters spend all day making smart food choices and then ruin it with their drink choices throughout the day. Some drinks contain high amounts of calories and sugar and negate any dietary work you have made throughout the day. Most weight loss centers would recommend water as the best drink choice throughout the day. Not only is it healthy, but it also makes the body feel fuller, reducing food temptations throughout the day. Drinks like coffee, alcohol and soda can give you a false sense of hunger.

Avoid crash diets
The typical American dieter now makes 4 weight loss attempts per year. The reason that so many dieters fail is because they make unrealistic dietary changes. You may be able to give up your favorite foods for a short period of time, but eventually you will return to them. In fact, many dieters go from a diet to binge eating, creating a never ending cycle. Instead of beginning a crash diet, consider making a lifestyle change. Make healthier choices, when possible. Attempt to make it a permanent change. If you need help creating a lifestyle diet change, consider working with weight loss centers. Medical weight loss centers can give you the weight loss help you need to improve the chances of your diet succeeding.

The majority of people do not eat healthy. They grab fast food and sugar filled drinks as they rush around. Poor eating habits leads to obesity, which in turn, leads to an increase of medical conditions. Choosing healthier food choices does not have to be difficult. Remember to reduce your portion sizes, consider meal planning at home, be aware of calorie filled drinks, and avoid crash diets. Also, know when you need extra help and work with weight loss centers on creating the perfect diet that you can stick to.