Used cpap machine

Did you know that sleep apnea affects as many a 18 million Americans? For that matter, do you know what sleep apnea is in the first place? It wouldn’t be surprising if you didn’t, with 2% to 4% of all Americans having undiagnosed cases of sleep apnea … that’s 1 in 50 people! Staying healthy means being informed about your sleep apnea, and making sure that you have the best possible treatment.

What Happens If My Sleep Apnea Goes Untreated?

Untreated sleep apnea can be a dangerous thing, as sleep apnea is essentially an interruption of your breathing during sleep. Those with untreated sleep apnea are four times as likely to have a stroke as those without sleep apnea. They’re also three times more likely to suffer from heart disease. The fact is that sleep apnea is not something you can neglect or wish away … for many, it’s a condition that has to be treated for life. But once you do begin treating your sleep apnea, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel, and there are many different treatment options to choose from.

What Is A CPAP Machine?

A CPAP mask or machine provides continuous positive airway pressure … that is, the same level of air pressure throughout the cycle. There are many different types of CPAP mask to choose from, one of which is the REMstar plus. The REMstar plus offers features like pollen filters and altitude compensation that can be adjusted manually. Perhaps one of the best things about the REMstar plus, however, is that it has an international power supply. If you have a CPAP machine, it’s important that you look for one that can travel … that way, you aren’t limited in your movements.

What Is A BIPAP Machine?

A BIPAP mask also provides continuous positive airway pressure. However, its pressure has two different strengths, which may suit some people better than the single strength of a CPAP machine. A BIPAP machine is similar to a CPAP machine in bulk and weight. You may want to explore which machine fits you best before making a final decision, as this a fairly large investment to be making, both financially and in your health.

How To Save Money Treating Your Sleep Apnea

There are ways to save money when buying supplies with which you can treat your sleep apnea. Used CPAP machines and BIPAP machines are on the market, often refurbished but less expensive than brand new machines. They’re nevertheless just as effective, and a great option for those on a budget.

Although it is a condition to be taken seriously, sleep apnea doesn’t have to completely change your life. It’s just something to live with, and doing so can be a positive experience as long as you go about it prepared and informed.