Remstar plus cpap machine

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that prevents the body from getting enough oxygen during sleep. Sleep apnea can be especially dangerous because a lack of oxygen leads to many other serious medical concerns. Sleep apnea sufferers can utilize BIPAP and CPAP machines to improve their sleep apneas. However, studies show that about half of all people prescribed CPAP machines stop using them in one to three weeks. These are some of the most common reasons for stopping use.

They forget to turn on the CPAP machine
If you are not used to using a CPAP machine nightly, you might forget to turn it on some nights. This is especially true if you are exhausted by the time night comes around and you simply jump into bed and fall asleep. It is important to try and create a routine that involves the use of your CPAP machine. Once you get into the routine of using it, it will become a part of your nightly habit. Avoid skipping any night without the machine, as this can ruin the nightly routine that you have created and it is also very dangerous.

They find the CPAP machine to be loud and to prohibit sleep
CPAP machines are like any other machine and they do make noise. If you prefer a quiet sleep environment, this can take some getting used to. However, it is not worth risking your health and your life for a quieter room. You can also purchase CPAP machines and CPPA machine masks that are quieter. Auto CPAP machines are one of the best CPAP machine options because they automatically provide you with oxygen when needed but without the added sound. Work with your physician or prescriber on finding a CPAP machine and CPAP machine masks that have less noise.

They find the mask to be uncomfortable
CPAP machines require the use of a CPAP mask or BIPAP mask. This is one of the most common complaints and deters to using a CPAP machine regularly. Fortunately, there are many different types of CPAP machine masks to choose from. If you are struggling to use yours because of discomfort, it is likely that you have one that is not properly fitted. Preferences for nasal pillows or CPAP machine masks are pretty much split down the middle, 50% prefer nasal pillows, 45% favor nasal masks, and 5% of users have no preference. You can find comfort even if you require a full face mask. The best full face masks are a minimal contact full face mask. They barely touch your face, but provide you with the added oxygen that you need.

There are also other ways to improve the comfort of the CPAP machine masks. For example, patients over 60 years are five times more likely to require heated humidification for CPAP machines. If you are finding it difficult to adjust to the nightly use of your CPAP machine, working with your physician can help you find custom accommodations and CPAP supplies that increase both your comfort and your use.

CPAP machines are a necessity for those suffering from sleep apnea. Yet, many patients do not use their CPAP machine or CPAP machine mask on a nightly basis. You can increase your CPAP machine usage by creating a nightly routine that includes turning the machine on, by finding a CPAP mask that fits you comfortably, and working with your physician when discomfort overrules your ability to safely use your CPAP machine.