Drug detox facilities

Unfortunately, alcohol and drug addiction are diseases that simply will not go away, and probably never will. This is obvious by the fact that a detox center can be found in virtually every town. There are many levels of drugs with addictions that manifest themselves in different levels of severity. Alcohol and marijuana are considered the mildest, and most common, drugs; and thus, marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in the United States. However, some claim that it is the gateway drug, and it leads heavy users to seek a greater high through harder, more addictive drugs from prescription pain killers to meth, cocaine, and heroine. Although cocaine and meth usage has decreased over the past few years, drug detox facilities are still busy helping many drug and alcohol addicts to overcome their demons.

A drug detox or alcohol detox treatment that addicts go through at any detox center, helps addicts to overcome their addictions, deal with the withdrawal symptoms, and develop coping strategies to avoid falling off the wagon once they are out of rehab. Unfortunately, the programs at a detox center do not focus on the underlying psycological issues that lead to drug and alcohol addiction and destructive behaviors. Rather, the programs at a detox center focus on the physical dependence and helping wean addicts off drugs like heroine, morpine, and presciptoin drugs like oxycontin. However, drug and alcohol addiction is a mental illness, or perhaps a physical manifestation of an underlying mental illness like servere depression or anxiety. And thus, addicts often turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to cope with a mental illness through self medication. Obviously, this leads to addiction as it takes more and more alcohol or a given drug to create the sought after, soothing, mind numbing effects.

While a drug detox center provides a highly useful and commendable service to society. The detox center alone is not enough, because once an addict gets past the withdrawal stage and completes the program, they are on their own. And for those who still have underlying issues of mental illness, they are in danger of falling back into addiction, if they do not have a strong support network to back them up. However, attending a drug or alcohol treatment program at a drug detox center is more than one huge step in the right direction; it is likely a huge step toward survival. Find out more at this site: www.newbeginningsdrugdetox.com