Three Ways Medical Lift Recliners Benefit Parents Who Are Aging

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For many people who have a Baby Boomer or two as parents, you already know they are aging to the point where, if they are not there already, they will soon need help with tasks that have, maybe even until recently, been no problem to do on their own.

One of those seemingly simple tasks is getting in and out of their favorite chair, or any chair, for that matter. If this is the case for your loved one, perhaps one option you might consider is helping them choose a new favorite chair from the many new medical lift recliners on the market.… Read More...

Five Home Improvements to Improve Senior Mobility

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Mobility can be a big problem for seniors. The same two story house that once made sense can be impossible to maneuver now. Before you call your realtor and list your home for something smaller, consider your mobility aid options. Fortunately, it is possible to renovate and upgrade your house to improve overall mobility.

Remove all hallway barriers

It is best to open up all hallways and doorways. Even though that china hutch might look nice in the hallway, it is best to move it into a corner, against the wall.… Read More...

Medical Canes and Other Mobility Aids Can Significantly Improve the Life of the Elderly

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One of the most difficult things to negotiate in life can be the loss of mobility and dexterity brought about by old age, or as an unavoidable consequence of certain health conditions and injuries. Being able to move about and do things that you have always done is one of the things about life that we take for granted, until the time when this ability gets jeopardized. One of the root causes of this can be old age, which is the reason why the elderly might need assistance to move about and accomplish their tasks.… Read More...

When to Seek Urgent Care for a Bruise

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One of the most common ailments people suffer from is receiving a bruise. It’s common to see a bruise appear after you’ve hit your body into something. In some cases, a bruise may not appear until 24-48 hours after an injury has occurred. Some people may experience bruising that happens for seemingly random reasons. It’s understandable to be frightened at the appearance of a bruise. In most cases, you won’t need to seek any medical treatment. It’s common for bruises to heal entirely on their own.… Read More...

Purchasing the Right Carbon Saddle for Your Bicycle

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It is really important, even for people who have very little free time, to take some time out every once in a while and to engage in activities that can provide much-needed exercise to the body and mind. Doing this can not only allow you to relax and rejuvenate, but also help you to maintain your health and fitness much better. There are a lot of activities to choose from if you are looking for something productive to do in this regard, and one of the most popular and effective ones that you can engage in is cycling.… Read More...

Are You Looking for a Skilled Care Center for a Loved One?

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The mother of the 28 year old son who needs special care is so happy with where her son is staying. The fact that the skilled nursing facility called and asked if they could meet her son, in fact, was the first indication that things were going to take a turn in the right direction.
Five years ago when her son was in a serious car accident he initially went to a residential rehabilitation facility. At the end of 17 months, however, the facility indicated that they had made all of the progress that they had expected.… Read More...

What is Sleep Apnea and How Can it be Treated?

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Sleep apnea affects millions of people, and very often it remains undiagnosed. It is a sleep disorder in which the nasal passages are blocked during sleep for brief intervals. It can have many adverse health effects, ranging from tiredness and irritability due to interrupted sleep to serious illness like stroke and heart disease. Once diagnosed, sleep apnea can be treated. Sleep apnea solutions like continuous positive airway pressure machine can help sufferers get unbroken sleep, but they take some effort to use.… Read More...

Wheelchair Lifts Give Freedom to Those with Mobility Issues

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America is a very large country. We have a large number of people and we cover a great deal of ground. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 had made the entire country more aware of just how many people suffer from disabilities in this country and what we need to do to make our country accessible everywhere.

There are approximately 53 million Americans living with a disability. According to a recent study, the most common disability has to do with some kind of limitation to a person’s ability to move.… Read More...