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The mother of the 28 year old son who needs special care is so happy with where her son is staying. The fact that the skilled nursing facility called and asked if they could meet her son, in fact, was the first indication that things were going to take a turn in the right direction.
Five years ago when her son was in a serious car accident he initially went to a residential rehabilitation facility. At the end of 17 months, however, the facility indicated that they had made all of the progress that they had expected. And while this rehab facility was a great place to stay, it also came with a great big price tag. So big, in fact, that the on site doctors and therapists said that although the young man was able to stay as long as he wanted, they simply did not think that the mother would be wise to look for another option.

Finding those other options, however, was not as easy as it sounded. Many of the nursing care homes that she called were full or were not equipped to have her son. When she finally found a skilled nursing facility that would accept her son and had room, it came with a different kind of price tag. This location was in another city and was an hour’s drive away. For this reason, when the local group of residential and nursing care homes called, the mother was excited. She knew from previous experiences, however, not to get her hopes up. Once the interview process was over, though, everyone involved knew that any of the three local residential and nursing care homes would be a great fit.
Assisted Living Centers and Skilled Nursing Facilities Serve a Wide Range of Patients
Admitting a loved one to a nursing home or any kind of skilled care facility can be a stressful task. Taking the time to find the right facility staffed by caring workers, however, can eliminate some of the stress. Finding the right location often depends on the type of care that your loved one needs. If, for instance, you have an adult child who suffers a serious accident you might find that a skilled care home may provide the services that you are looking for, and the services that your loved one needs. Consider some of these statistics about the residential and nursing care homes and facilities that are available in this country:

  • Azheimer’s disease is one common reason elders are admitted into a nursing home. Many of these individuals require 24 hour supervision.
  • There are approximately 16,100 nursing homes in America, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
  • There are roughly 1.5 nursing home residents in America, according to the CDC.
  • 4.5% of all U.S. citizens 65 and older resided in a nursing home in the year 2000.
  • 26% of nursing home facilities consider themselves non-profit organizations.
  • 86% is the average occupancy of nursing homes in the U.S.
  • 42% of patients in nursing home suffer from some form of dimentia.
  • People of all ages reside in nursing homes, but the 79 is the average admissions age for a nursing home.
  • 835 days is the length of the stay for the average resident in a nursing home.

Are you looking for a care facility for a loved one? Whether you are looking for a place for an elderly parent or grandparent or an adult child, it is important to visit the location and interview the people managing the facility. Finding a location that provides quality services through the loving a respectful staff is important as well.
The offerings for skilled care today vary greatly from what was available 20 years ago. Finding a location that is the best fit for your loved one can help make the best transition for both you and your loved one. Nursing homes are not only for the elderly, but they are also an option for anyone who requires 24 hour care. Making transitions into residential and nursing care homes is a process that requires patience and commitment.