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For many people who have a Baby Boomer or two as parents, you already know they are aging to the point where, if they are not there already, they will soon need help with tasks that have, maybe even until recently, been no problem to do on their own.

One of those seemingly simple tasks is getting in and out of their favorite chair, or any chair, for that matter. If this is the case for your loved one, perhaps one option you might consider is helping them choose a new favorite chair from the many new medical lift recliners on the market.

The ideal candidate for medical lift recliners is someone who might need help getting in and out of their chair on a daily basis for one reason or another. As a result of aging, many people experience things like arthritis, disability from a recent surgery, or simply a decline in coordination.

Every day, almost 7 million Americans use assistive devices to get up and down and between places. Older adults are becoming more dependent on these types of devices as a result of aging. Falls play a big role in the change of life for many seniors. Emergency rooms all across the country treat older adults for a fall about once every eleven seconds, and about half of those falls take place in their own homes.

A medical lift chair is one way to assist an aging parent who might be experiencing these effects of growing older. Lift recliners for elderly parents can benefit them in a number of different ways. Here are three advantages of having a lift chair recliner.

1.) Medical lift recliners reduce the risk of injury.

Getting in and out of a chair, especially a recliner, can result in a serious fall for an elderly person. Medial lift chairs are designed to raise a person enough so that they can get their balance and continue to move forward. Balance issues can’t always be negated, but a medical recliner can certainly help.

2.) Medical lift recliners are more spacious than normal chairs.

A good, comfortable chair is not an easy thing to find. When you do find one, it might not be spacious enough to allow you to feel comfortable while you sit. Medical lift recliners are designed to keep you comfortable, being spacious enough to move around a bit and shift your weight to a more comfortable position.

3.) Medical lift recliners give elderly adults more independence.

While accessibility standards are much broader when you go out into the public, we don’t always pay close attention to our own homes when we get older. It might not occur to us until after a fall or a surgery that our home is not very accessible and could be restricting our ability to continue to be independent. With a lift chair, an aging adult can do a great deal more with one than they could otherwise do without.