Hearing aids can open up a whole new world for those with hearing loss. But like any technology, they aren’t perfect. The attached video will walk you through some simple hearing aid repairs you can do right in your own home.

While some hearing aid issues require the attention of a professional, many hearing air repairs are relatively simple and can be conveniently done at home. For example, if you have one hearing aid that isn’t working while the other one is, you’ll want to check the batteries first.

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If the batteries have been in longer than around five days, change them before you try to fix the problem another way. If they haven’t been in very long, simply take the battery from the hearing aid that is working and transfer it to the hearing aid that isn’t working. This tells you if it’s an issue with the battery or the hearing aid itself.

If try these fixes and you’re still having trouble with your hearing aids, it’s probably time to contact a hearing aid repair service to have them looked at.