Southern indiana cpap alternative

Sleep apnea usually goes undiagnosed because the doctor cannot detect the condition in routine office visit. And yet it is a serious condition. A person suffering from sleep apnea is not aware that he has difficulty breathing even when after he wakes up. Men 40 years and over are at higher risk of sleep apnea, although women may also suffer from the condition. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, you might want to consider CPAP alternative. There are Louisville cpap alternative clinics, Southern Indiana CPAP alternative and Jeffersonville sleep apnea clinics that offer them. So here are some facts about Jeffersonville sleep apnea that you may find informative.

First, CPAP keeps the airway open during sleep. The mask that is fitted on the mouth and nose blows air into the airway. You should therefore find a Louisville sleep apnea or New albany sleep apnea clinics to see if it is the best solution for your condition. Second, you can get a prescription for CPAP if study has proven that you have sleep apnea. A simple test in a Jeffersonville sleep apnea or Southern Indiana sleep apnea clinic should be enough to see if you should use the mask. It can ultimately be the treatment for your sleeping condition.