5 Questions to Ask Your Hair Loss Doctor

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Hair loss is such a common problem that a majority of people experience it at some point as they age. But that ubiquity leads to quite a bit of bad information floating around, particularly on the Internet. The best thing you can do if you’re suffering from hair loss is to sit down with one or two experienced hair loss doctors and ask for their opinions. Here are five of the most important questions people often ask their doctors about hair loss, along with some abridged answers to get you started:

  1. Can I Stop Hair Loss on My Own?

3 Things You Should Know About Finding a Podiatrist

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Most people have foot or ankle problems at some point in their lives, but for some reason many people never find a podiatrist (a foot and ankle doctor) to address those problems. Why and how should you go about doing this? Here’s what you should know about going to see your local podiatrist:

  1. Pain Isn’t ‘Normal’

    Feet can take a lot of pressure. But that doesn’t mean you should ever be in constant pain, even if you work on your feet all day.


The Difference Between Urgent Care Centers and Hospital Emergency Rooms

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While urgent care services may seem like a new trend in the American health care system, the truth is the urgent care movement began nearly 40 years ago during the 1970’s. Though no would could predict the movement would gain so much momentum, urgent care clinics have become an integral part of the American health care system. In fact, it’s hard to imagine life without them.

Urgent care clinics continue to bridge the broad gap between hospital emergency departments and primary care physician offices, both of which tend to be understaffed and short on time.… Read More...

Healthcare Systems Invest in Urgent Care

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As the United States healthcare industry evolves, urgent care centers have become known as one of the most convenient sources of medical care in the country. While hospitals and local doctors offices have become known for their high costs and long wait times, an urgent care facility is typically open by 8 AM all seven days of the week, and often charge prices that are 40 to 50% cheaper than emergency room care. Moreover, urgent care clinics, which specialize in treating non-life-threatening conditions, are everywhere: studies show that 75% of urgent care facilities are located in suburban areas, with another 15% in urban areas and 10% in rural locations.… Read More...

Why You Should Consider Seeing a Sports Chiropractor

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All chiropractors use a variety of chiropractic techniques to improve the alignment and overall health of the musculoskeletal system. They commonly treat people after car accidents and other traumatic injuries, as well as providing ongoing care for chronic pain. Often, people come to the chiropractor for neck pain or back pain, but chiropractors can treat conditions such as arthritis and frequent headaches, too.

Most chiropractors use similar techniques. There are, however, a few subspecialties of chiropractic practice that can be helpful to understand.… Read More...

What You Need to Know About Diabetic Foot Care

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Most people only seek out treatment for their feet when they’re in pain. But if you’re a diabetic, it’s vital that you find a podiatrist (an ankle and foot doctor) and establish a regular checkup schedule as soon as possible. You may even be able to find a local podiatrist who specializes in diabetic foot care, though any ankle and foot doctor should be able to provide treatment.

Why Do Diabetics Need Special Care?

Diabetes damages nerves and reduces blood flow to the extremities.… Read More...

Advantages of a Vegan Skin Care Routine

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If you’re looking for the best skin care products on the market, why not check out vegan skin care products?

Vegan skin care products are created without the use of animal testing. This means that they generally incorporate gentler ingredients that are already known to be safe. Many vegan skin care products use all natural skin care ingredients that are sustainable and easy on the environment as well.

These natural ingredients are also great for your skin. You may feel like you’re doing your skin a favor with all those harsh astringents and burning chemicals, but if your skin feels irritated, it’s probably going to age prematurely.… Read More...

How to Treat Knee Pain

Knee pain can be very frustrating for anyone who has to deal with it. Of course, pain on its own can be difficult to deal with, but you could also be in a situation where you do not know what is causing it, which in some cases is even worse. There can be a lot of anxiety associated with having an ailment and not knowing the underlying reason. This is why it can be a good idea to go to a doctor as soon as possible when you feel like something might be wrong.… Read More...