How to Effectively Block EMF Radiation Waves

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What is the deal about EMFs? What are they?

EMFs are a type of radiation. The acronym stands for electromagnetic fields or electrical and magnetic forces. This type of radiation takes the form of waves and can be very dangerous.

There are two types of electromagnetic energy. There are natural EMFs and artificial EMFs.

Natural EMFs

This is the electromagnetic field that is produced by the earth naturally. The human body also produces an EMF. Research shows that it is the EMF in every cell in the body that help to keep you healthy and regulate functions.… Read More...

Five Sources of EMFs and What to do About Them

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Any fan of the horror movie genre can tell you that the unseen monster is far more terrifying than any Special Effects Department’s creation. This is even more true in the real world, a fact that is manipulated by politicians to scare voters into voting. New health concerns also seem much alarming in the early years before knowledge and research make the issue well understood and defined. The concerns about the effects from electromagnetic fields, or emfs, are still in these beginning stages, where it is difficult to sort out basic information without contamination from paranoia.… Read More...

Urgent Care Clinics Can Treat Most Common Illnesses

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A new trend in healthcare is the increasing popularity of urgent care walk-in clinics across the country. This is due to their convenience and lower costs, specially when compared to emergency rooms services. If people have the choice to access basic medical services without waiting for hours or making an appointment to see a doctor weeks ahead, it’s really a simple choice. For basic healthcare, non-life-threatening injuries and preventative healthcare like check ups and sports physicals, a walk in health clinic is the best choice.… Read More...

Checking into Rehab to Check Back into Life

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Many people deal with trauma, loss, emotional issues, and other serious difficulties in a variety of different ways. Unfortunately in today’s society, there is a stigma with dealing with these things. Everyone wants to pretend that everything is always alright and that when it is not, we should bury those issues so that they do not affect every day life or others around us. And in an attempt to figure out how to handle these overwhelming situations, there are people who turn to addicting substances to ease the pain.… Read More...

EMF Protection Jewelry — Your Key to Healthier, Low-EMF Living

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We live in a world that is becoming more connected and digitized every minute. The proliferation of smartphones and the penchant to remain connected at all times has resulted in many technological marvels of late, but has also given rise to some unforeseen health hazards. Wireless communication is the current norm, and the more the world adopts means of wireless communication, the more the world becomes irradiated with radiation of many different kinds.

Cell phones, laptops and any device that supports wireless communication use some form of electromagnetic radiation as a means of to and fro communication.… Read More...

How Specialists are Able to Alleviate Chronic Pain Without the Need for Traditional Surgery

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Being able to work, play, and live without pain is a feat that many of us take for granted. Unfortunately, there are at least 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain that can limit mobility and often make one feel as though the world is moving along without them. Chronic pain is a serious matter, thankfully there are specialists around the country who are helping thousands of Americans find relief again through a variety of treatments.

Chronic Pain Across the U.S.

Ibogaine Opiate Detox: How To Stay Sober AFTER a Detox Treatment Program

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In the United States, the Oxycontin Generation is coming of age, and sadly, many are turning to drugs like heroin. As a result, overdoses and addiction to opiates are rising all over the United States. And addiction doesn’t discriminate; Americans of all ages, from all walks of life, are suffering. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, at least 11 million Americans have used Oxycontin recreationally since Purdue released their highly addictive new formula in 1996. And while not all of these users go on to become addicts, for many, Oxycontin was the first step on a long road to heroin addiction.… Read More...

How Do I Find the Best Medical Specialist?

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These Sunday calls are getting difficult to handle. Listening calmly while your son who is a freshman in college five hours from home explains about the continued pain in his ankle is a challenge. Attending school on a partial academic and partial athletic scholarship at a Division II school seemed like a great idea. It still maybe a great idea, but the work of being an athlete attempting to avoid fatigue and injury is stressful. Because the season is so long and the team plays so many games, the coaches are quick to put in rotations of rehab and trainer visits at the first sign of a problem.… Read More...