How To Handle Workplace Stress

Workplace anger

Workplace stress is certainly not uncommon, no matter what profession you are in. From servers to lawyers, workplace stress has become commonplace, and many of us struggle to find a good work-life balance. In fact, one million employees in the United States miss work every single day because of workplace stress related reasons and more than half of all people say that work has a powerful impact on their overall stress level. At least one quarter of all employees have taken at least one mental health day.… Read More...

What You Need to Know About Burnout and Burnout Treatment

Burnout treatment

Burnout among health care professionals is a common problem due to long-hours and intense nature of the work. Recent studies show that nearly half of all physicians report symptoms of burnout, and 35% of all physicians report complete burnout.

Burnout is a significant problem and goes far beyond being frustrated with your job or needing a vacation. Physicians have poor work-life balance, they have higher rates of depression and they have a higher divorce rate than the general population.

Learning how to manage job stress and strategies on how to recover from exhaustion.… Read More...