The process of filling a cavity is something any dentist knows like the back of their hand. Watch this video to learn how a dentist fills an average cavity.

First the dentist will take your blood pressure being numbing you up.

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Next they might apply a topical anesthetic on your tissue so you won’t feel the pinch from the needle. Then they will insert the actual anesthetic so you won’t feel anything throughout the procedure. Following this, they will rinse out your mouth with water and wait for you to get numb.

The next step is to use a drill to remove the decayed area. This process is started with a high speed hand piece drill. These usually spray out water so suction is required to remove the water. They will then use a slow speed drill to get more of the decay. This kind of drill doesn’t spray out water, but they keep the suction in at the same time to get any debris or other particles. Then the dentist will use a cavity detector and if needed, the dentist will go back in with the tools from before to get any remaining pieces. The extensiveness of this process varies depending on the severity of the cavity.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in your teeth, reach out to your dentist to get it taken care of.