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As you probably already know, most weight loss systems are made up of two, key parts: proper exercise and diet.

While each might be tough to make into a habit, they’re relatively simple to do at their core. Usually, adding about an hour of cardio every other day or so to a weight loss system is enough to help people reach their goal weight both quickly and safely, say family practice physicians. The key to dieting, on the other hand, is to eat fewer calories than the dieter is burning, and to stay away from carbs and refined sugars.

That is, of course, easier said than done. Fortunately, there are foods out there that not only taste good and are low in calories, but can help fill you up. Here are just a few to eat while you get your weight loss system in place.

Whole Grains.

If you want to feel full, make sure you get 100% whole grains in your weight loss system. Brown rice and oatmeal have filling fiber that will help not only stave off hunger for a long time, but ensure that you don’t overeat later on.

Green Veggies.

Believe it or not, certain vegetables actually burn calories. One cup of broccoli has about 25 calories, but requires about 80 calories to digest, which means that you’ll burn about 55 calories just eating the stuff. If you’re not a fan of the little green trees, consider adding cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, celery, and cabbage to your weight loss system’s diet.


Out of all the nuts you could have, pistachios are the best for diets. They’re low in calories, and low in fat, which means that you’ll get to eat twice as much of them without going over your caloric limit. Plus, what fat they do have is actually good for your heart.

These are the foods weight loss physicians advise dieters eat to help them stick to their routines. If you know of any other helpful, diet food people can add to their weight loss system feel free to share in the comments. See this link for more.