If it’s your first time going to the dentist you may be a little nervous, but there’s no need to fear. Dental appointments are usually straightforward. Here is what you can expect at your first dental appointment.

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When you arrive you should check in with the front desk. The receptionist will give you paperwork to complete before your appointment. This usually includes your contact information, medical history, your insurance identification, and a section to list any concerns you have about your teeth.

For your first appointment it is common to take x-rays of your teeth. The team will have you bite down on a piece of plastic while the x-ray tech captures an image. They will repeat this process a few times to get images from different angles.

The dentist will examine your teeth with some metal tools. If there are any issues with a tooth the team will take note of the tooth number and what should be done to fix the problem. You may need to make a follow-up appointment to address these problems.

A hygienist will clean your teeth and floss thoroughly. You may even get a free toothbrush.

For more information on what to expect at your appointment, see the linked video.