Questions to ask a gynecologist

Preventative maintenance is important in so many aspects of life. Whether it’s maintaining the integrity of your home’s roof, keeping your vehicle in good working order, or making sure you stay on top of that never ending to-do list, preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring things go smoothly.

The same can be said about preventative medicine as well. In fact, by practicing preventative medicine, people can greatly reduce if not eliminate their chances of developing a chronic or even fatal illness. After all, it’s always been said that proper preparation prevents poor performance!

Sadly, preventative medicine is rarely practiced in developed countries, including many Western nations. Ironically, many of these countries have some of the most advanced medical facilities and research centers. Perhaps it is this reliance on advanced medicine and pharmaceuticals that has placed preventative medicinal practices on the bottom of the totem pole.

Luckily nothing lasts forever, and the importance of preventative medicine is finally gaining the recognition it deserves in the Western world. Within the past decade, Western medicine has undergone a shift towards alternative and natural healing. This includes greater emphasis on the mind-body connection as well as ancient practices such as yoga. Included in the mix of course is preventative medicine and the importance of routine check ups.

If you’re interested in incorporating alternative, natural, and homeopathic medicinal practices into your personal health care routine, it’s important to find a doctor who not only has an understanding of these methods but can ensure the safety of them.

For example, while herbs may not be artificial pharmaceutical medication, they are still potent remedies that can have negative interactions similar to those of prescription drugs. When not combined carefully they can have dangerous side effects, which is why finding a medical professional well versed in alternative healing is so important.

If you need help finding a doctor who is familiar with or has expertise in preventative and natural medicine, try running a simple internet search. There are a variety of online forums that can assist users in finding an alternative medical professional that is right for their needs.

Furthermore, many find it helpful to write down questions to ask a physician before calling a new physician’s office for a consultation. You may find that this helps you stay focused and prevents you from forgetting to ask important questions that you have otherwise left out.