Many people take their vision for granted, especially if they have never experienced any difficulty. For those who haven’t been able to maintain 20/20 vision, eye exams are not a new concept. However, regular eye exams are essential to making sure your overall health is maintained.

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Regular eye exams will ensure that any changes in your vision are noticed and corrected. If your vision worsens and you do not have adequate corrective lenses, the degradation of your eyes can be intensified. Eye exams are essential for determining what — if any — corrections are needed to provide you with 20/20 vision, which will improve your day-to-day.

Eye exams are also important for gauging any more significant changes in your eyes. Your optometrist will notice if you have any inflammation, irregularities, or other changes that could indicate more severe medical conditions. If you’re at high risk for some diseases, such as glaucoma, it’s important to have more frequent eye exams.

At the very least, it is important to make sure that you schedule eye exams at a few key points in your life. If you have children, it is essential that they see an optometrist with regularity. As an adult, eye exams can be spread further apart if you’ve never had issues, but the frequency should increase as you age. This video has additional insight on these areas.