Excessive sweating problem

Sweating a lot can be pretty embarrassing. Even more embarrassing is looking like a raccoon because your mascara is melting down your face. Most women can remember at least one instance in which they?ve looked in the mirror to find that their makeup was no longer where they?d painted it on that morning. It?s not a good look but sometimes you just can?t control excessive sweating. Here are a few tips to keep your makeup in place on a hot day.

  1. Cool down before applying. Some people begin their makeup routine immediately after stepping out of the shower. Instead, you should wait at least 10 minutes so that your body has time to cool down. When you apply makeup to warm skin, it absorbs the ingredients. If you wait until your skin is cooler, it will go on a lot smoother.
  2. Use primer. Primers are designed to make your makeup cling to your skin. Apply the primer after you moisturize but before you put on your foundation.
  3. Avoid powders. Powders tend to get cakey in the heat, showing off fine lines and wrinkles. Instead, use cream cover-up, blush, and eye shadow.
  4. Choose waterproof products. Water resistant mascaras and eyeliners are much better at withstanding summer heat and sweat. Also, liquid liners stay on longer than pencils when your skin becomes moist.
  5. Drink water. Staying hydrated will help you control excessive sweating in general so that your skin stays dry.
  6. Use less. Simply using less makeup may be the best solution. Try just sticking to the essentials: concealer, blush, waterproof mascara. If you need to use a foundation, consider a lightweight cream just to even out your skin tone.

For some people, sweating isn?t just a summer issue; it?s a lifelong health problem. Approximately 8 million Americans suffer from hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes them to sweat up to five times more than the average person. Makeup-wearers with this issue have an especially hard time finding products that will last even an hour. Constantly absorbing makeup into the pores and regularly reapplying it is not good for the skin and may cause serious breakouts. Fortunately, some individuals have benefitted from iontophoresis treatment to stop hyperhidrosis.
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