While the Covid pandemic continues to be relevant in our society, it’s important to stay vigilant in the fight against the virus. It’s essential to have covid tests if you believe that you have been exposed. At the time this video was taken, this facility had performed over 815,000 covid tests. We will discuss the various types of covid tests available to you.

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First, the molecular test diagnoses active coronavirus infection. This especially important to get if you have symptoms of the virus. Results are usually available within two days of getting your test. Results are also highly accurate.

The second is the antigen test. It also diagnoses active coronavirus cases. This is known as the rapid test which is usually available at pop-up testing sites. Results take only 15 minutes or so, but it’s definitely less accurate. You may need to get a molecular test as well to have definite results.

The third type is the antibody test. It shows whether or not someone has been infected with covid in the past. These tests are recommended after 2 weeks of an individual having the virus. Make sure you check into covid tests if you believe you are infected!.