Whether you’re going to the dentist for work on your teeth, or a local orthodontist for braces, getting dental x-rays is common. Still, there are plenty of people who are skeptical of dental x-rays due to the radiation levels that they may be exposed to. For anyone concerned financially, check with your insurance company beforehand.

For many people, though, they go back to the idea that radiation can cause other health issues, which is used in an x-ray.

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That’s not an unreasonable concern, either. It’s something that dentists and doctors pay attention to and is why x-rays are only used when absolutely necessary, to limit your exposure to them. The digital x-rays that are used in modern dentistry use much less radiation than older forms of x-rays. In fact, you’ll get so little radiation exposure that long plane flights will give you more radiation than they would.

Furthermore, x-rays are incredibly important to make sure that there are no major issues, like tooth decay occurring. This helps keep you healthy. So, make sure not to skip out on x-rays.