Hearing loss

Are you concerned for your child’s health this winter? You have every reason to be cautious. Winter is synonymous with the flu season, after all, and it’s incredibly easy for children to garner a variety of illnesses from their friends, classmates and home environment. Below is a simple list chronicling the symptoms of chronic ear problems and parathyroid diseases, all the better to keep you informed on how to keep your children as healthy as possible during the colder seasons.

Ear Infection

One of the most frustrating incidents are ear infections. Studies estimate five out of six children (nearly 83%) will have at least one ear infection by their third birthday, with some children having reoccurring cases year after year. While the symptoms can be mild pain and discomfort, untreated ear infections can lead to jaw pain, headaches and even hearing loss.

Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be mild, moderate or profound. Genes are responsible for the majority hearing loss cases in children, adding up to 50% or 60% of American children with some degree of hearing impairment. Sensorineural hearing loss is present in nearly 40,000 newborns every year — additional estimates see 1,000 newborns with significant hearing loss. More than 90% of all children will have at least one ear infection by the time they’re two. If your child is showing signs of discomfort in the ear or jaw area, taking them to their regular doctor as soon as possible can stave off long-term side-effects.

Sleep Trouble

Sleep is a necessary way for an individual’s body to repair the wear and tear of day-to-day life. Disturbances in a normal sleep cycle can have long-term consequences. Snoring is very common in children and is prevalent in around 12% of children in the general population. Studies have shown around 3% of children will exhibit not just snoring, but a condition known as Sleep Disordered Breathing.


Ear infections and genetics aren’t the only elements to blame for disrupted breathing, that of which can contribute to a more frequent onset of flus, fevers and colds. Children with enlarged tonsils are nearly four times as likely to experience symptoms of Sleep Disordered Breathing. Fortunately these can be removed by your local dental clinic, helping reduce both pain and interrupted sleep patterns.

Parathyroid Diseases

Last, but not least, the symptoms of parathyroid diseases can sneak by undetected and cause a plethora of trouble. These can affect everything from the kidney to other parts of the digestive system. If your child is struggling with chronic pain or stomach issues, they could be experiencing the onset of parathyroid diseases.

Staying Healthy Over The Winter

There are many things that you and your child can do to stay healthy this winter. Regularly washing hands as well as disinfecting commonly used household items such as doorknobs and keyboards will go a long way in deterring stubborn bacteria — studies have shown bacteria can survive on hard surfaces for up to two days. If your child exhibits any of the above side-effects, taking them to a doctor is essential to nip any problems in the bud as soon as possible. Whether it’s sinus infections or breathing difficulties, it’s better to be safe than sorry!