Laser hair removal san diego

Every culture has its own norms around the subject of hair. Where we allow it to grow, how long it is, the color, and where we remove it from are all influenced by cultural and societal expectations, but each person must also decide for themselves what they are comfortable with. For women in America, facial hair is a difficult thing to cope with. Fortunately, there are hair removal laser treatments that make it possible to do away with the more primitive techniques such as tweezing, shaving, and depilatory creams. If you are still using any of those techniques, then read on to learn about the benefits of switching to laser treatment hair removal.


Tweezing may be great if you want to remove a few stray hairs here and there, but overall it is a time-consuming and painful process. Additionally, tweezing will not permanently remove hair except in rare cases where the underlying hair follicle has been significantly damaged. Tweezing hairs incorrectly can result in breaking off hair above the follicle, resulting in ingrown hairs and possibly infection. Laser treatments can accomplish hair removal on a larger scale, less painfully, and more quickly.

Depilatory Creams

The two big complaints about depilatory creams is the smell, and how quickly the hair grows back. Some creams remove hair for no longer than three days. Also, the exposure of sensitive facial skin to harsh chemicals is uncomfortable, and in some cases may actually cause allergic reactions and chemical burns. Because these creams target keratin, the substance that your hair is made of, they are also inadvertently targeting your skin which also contains keratin. Applying the cream can be tricky, and messy. If not applied properly, you might have to repeat the procedure to get any hairs that you missed the first time around. Although laser treatment hair removal comes with its own potential side effects and risks, it is far simpler and more effective than using creams.


Shaving the delicate skin on your face can put you at risk for ingrown hairs, leading to infections, and in some cases scarring, not to mention the potential discomfort of razor burns or nicks. Comparatively, a face laser treatment for hair removal will have significant benefits over the long term. Shaving might need to be done every other day in order to keep up with hair growth, while laser treatments significantly slow, and in some cases stop, the growth of facial hair.

Although tweezing, creams, and shaving are far from ideal when compared to laser treatment hair removal, it is still important to get consultation on laser treatment for facial hair like you would for any dermatology procedures so that you can weigh the risks and benefits. Modern lasers are capable of targeting the pigment in hair as opposed to the pigments in skin, allowing for individuals with less common skin colors and hair colors to realize the benefits. If you are tired of the alternatives, then it may be time to consider how lasers can help you remove unwanted facial hair. References.