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Many parents underestimate the importance of insuring their kids visit a dentist for children from a young age. In fact, experts estimate children should be visiting a pediatric dentist as soon as they start developing their baby teeth, as the health of a child’s baby teeth can determine how healthy their adult teeth will be.

So if you want to ensure the best dental health for your kids, you’ll need to find dentists who are both qualified to perform pediatric dental work and who excel at making children feel comfortable and anxiety-free in the dentist office.

To be sure you’re choosing the best family dentist possible, check out these three great tips:

Check their qualifications

Did you know that in order to be a pediatric dentist, a dental professional needs to complete an additional two years of residency training on top of their dental education? Always be sure you find dentists who are certified to work as pediatric dentists, as children’s teeth have special dental needs that require addressing.

Make sure they provide a variety of services

It’s likely that your family dentist will end up doing more than just bi-yearly checkups for you and your family. Be sure that you choose a dentist who can deal with common childhood habits like thumb-sucking in a friendly, educational way, and who can also perform procedures like caring for chipped or knocked-out teeth.

Visit each potential dentist’s office

Once you find dentists who you know provide good dental care for families, it’s a good idea to visit each prospective practice in person. When many young children fear visits to the dentist, it’s important to pick a dentist whose office is kid-friendly and doesn’t make them feel uncomfortable.

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