Health videos

Are you concerned about public health? Do you think there should be an increased campaign to increase public health? If so, you may want to convince your school, hospital or employer to distribute free health videos. Not only do these free health videos increase awareness, but do it by showing the concrete consequences of healthcare actions on several different communities. In fact, free health videos can help to end the cycle of unhealthiness.

If free health videos were novel, there may be cause for skepticism. That said, free health videos are a tried and true method. This is especially true of anti smoking campaigns. Over the past few years, New York state has aired several public health videos with long time chain smokers, often with ailments related to smoking. One gentleman has emphysema, and cannot breath even with oxygen. Another gentleman had throat cancer, and needed a hole drilled into his esophagus. These free health videos show the effects of smoking in graphic detail, and make others think twice before lighting up.

Of course, basic health literacy videos do not have to be as in your face as anti smoking campaigns. Some free health videos can teach regular healthy habits. For instance, it could show how, over time, a person who uses the stairs instead of the elevator can lose weight. Another use of free health videos can show the benefits of brushing teeth regularly. Still another example would be those who have a doctor check regularly. Other free health videos can demonstrate proper procedures for exams everyone should have, such as for breast or testicular cancer.

Someone who uses free health videos does not need to use them to scare. Rather, free health videos can educate. By showing the positive and negative consequences of each action, free health videos can lead to a healthier society.