Oxygen weight loss

The claim that proper breathing could have anything to do with weight loss sounds like sham science, but the truth is that there are crazier claims being made every day. A clinical study performed at the University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus helped to prove that participants that could get more oxygen into their bodies had better results when trying to lose weight. Are you curious yet? You probably have a few questions.

What is oxygen weight loss?

According to Fitday.com, oxygen therapy has been used around the world by people looking to speed up weight loss. Some people get extra oxygen delivered to them via an oxygen mask, and others introduce more oxygen into their system via the bloodstream. However, the safest and most practical way of getting more oxygen may be by improving breathing and lung capacity. The theory behind how oxygen improves weight loss all comes down to chemistry. Fat in the body is mostly made of oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen. By introducing more oxygen, fat cells will take on some of that oxygen, forcing the other molecules to break down and release in the form of water or carbon dioxide.

Will an oxygen diet be enough to bring weight loss by itself?

Any diet that promises to be the one and only thing that you need to lose weight is playing on desperation. Proper breathing, and getting more oxygen into your system, should be combined with good nutrition and physical activity to be most effective. There are no short cuts for losing weight, but there are better ways of approaching the challenge.

How do I do deep breathing exercises for weight loss?

You can practice proper breathing exercises like the measured breath, stimulating breath, or relaxing breath to get more oxygen into your body, reduce stress, and increase alertness. However, you could also choose to strengthen your lungs by using a breathing apparatus that offers resistance. Practicing proper breathing (the kind where you use your diaphragm and not your chest) in combination with an exercise or device that strengthens those breathing muscles will allow you to take in more oxygen with each full, complete breath.

If you find yourself short of breath, trying to lose weight, and having trouble keeping up during physical activities, then breathing exercises might be right for you. Whether you use a breathing device or not, improving how you breathe may help with your weight loss efforts, and will certainly help to improve overall health. Check out this website for more: www.breathslim.com