Updated 7/19/22

According to the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 14.3% of Americans (38.2 million) aged 12 and above have hearing loss in both ears. If you feel that you have difficulty hearing, you can visit an audiologist service for an audiogram. While it is not possible to reverse hearing loss, your hearing can be treated through the use of hearing aids or hearing implants. Hearing aid power amplifies sound so it can be heard by damaged ears, while hearing implants work by bypassing damaged ear parts to stimulate the auditory nerve directly.

Your audiologist will work with you to advise you on how to get your hearing better, so you get hearing aids that fit your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget. Also, thanks to an FDA ruling last year, you no longer have to wonder about when will hearing aids be cheaper. The ruling will stimulate more completion by allowing new entrants into the hearing aid market. If you need help with questions like which hearing aid is best for severe loss, kindly reach out to us today for assistance.

Many people do not realize that there are affordable digital hearing aids on the market that can change the way they hear the world around them. Since over 10% of adults have issues with being able to properly hear, having assistive listening devices that work can make a huge difference in how well they are able to understand and communicate with others. This can also open up other doors, and allow them to hear properly enough to drive, work, take classes, and enjoy the company of family and friends-all things that might have been previously difficult to do. Here are three ways that hearing aids can make a positive difference in an individual?s life.

Affordable Digital Hearing Aids Can Allow a Person to Be in Environments They Previously Could Not

By having a hearing aid, individuals can do things they might not have been able to do when they were hard of hearing. This might include certain things like working at various types of jobs or in positions where hearing must be corrected to a certain degree, driving (for example, if someone was previously unable to hear, they might not have felt safe enough to drive), or even going to school. Thanks to the help that digital hearing aids provide, adults can feel comfortable regaining control of their daily life, and even trying new things that they might not have been able to do before. Since less than 35% of adults over the age of 70 have ever used hearing aids, but would benefit from them, there is not time like the present to try out these devices and allow them to open up a world of possibilities. Digital hearing aids can make life more enjoyable, as individuals are able to fully participate again.

Hearing Aids Do Not Have to be Clunky or Frustrating to Deal With

For some people, the idea of a hearing aid brings up visions of devices with long cords, or otherwise obtrusive devices that go in one?s ear, and can even hamper with one?s lifestyle. With the help of digital hearing aids, individuals can find comfort and relief, while wearing a hearing aid that is too small for the average passerby to detect. These listening devices can be useful for many different conditions, from a high percentage of hearing loss, or other common conditions, such as tinnitus. Many people choose to suffer with these ailments, fearing that if they resign themselves to a hearing aid, it will appear unsightly, or be difficult to manage. Affordable digital hearing aids take the guesswork out of using a hearing aid in daily life, and make it much more manageable, even to those who have little to no experience with using a listening device. Since they do not alter the way an individual looks, they are helpful for those who are self-conscious and worried about being perceived as having a disability of some kind, or being viewed in a different manner.

Hearing Aids Can Make it Easier to Slow Down Cognitive Decline

Individuals who are able to interact with others more and be in touch with their surrounds will find that having an assistive listening device can help slow down one?s cognitive decline. This is because they are able to participate more in discussions, hear things they previously could not (such as birds signing), and take a more active role in their world. Since at least three out of every 10 adults over the age of 60 experience these issues, it makes sense how hearing aids can help them improve their life and increase their brain power.
There are many reasons why people should consider the benefits of affordable digital hearing aids, and how these devices can improve their life. They can help slow down an individual?s mental decline. It can also allow them to take part in things they haven?t done in a long time, such as drive, or truly be involved in a family conversation. Finally, digital hearing aids are much more discreet than previously made in the past, so their appearance is not as noticeable. For those who do not want to be viewed differently for using, this can be reassuring.